The Effect of Fashion on Society

The effect of fashion on society is one that is very significant and important. Fashion plays a big role in how many

people choose to express themselves.

Fashion over many, many years has evolved and changed so much. Fashion trends are always coming in and out,

and most of the time it is hard to keep up with what is fashionable, and what has gone out of style.

Also with the fact of how fashion is always going in and out of style is the fact of waste. Since the trends are always

changing, people are constantly getting rid of their clothes, and thus causing a major pile-up of micro-fashion

pieces, which is leading to more waste.

In order to stop this problem, society should shop more sustainably and carefully, as to eliminate the amount of

clothing waste that is building up.

Why Art is Important

There are so many people dismiss the importance and the beauty of art. Art allows us to look into different cultures

and different ways of life, and from this find similarity within our differences as human beings.

The many different styles of art help us to get a whole rounded view of what art is, and why it cannot just fall into

one sole category. If that was the case, there would be no imagination or creativity behind it. It would just be

something that everybody does, but no one really knows why they do it.

Art has such an important part in our culture, and we should be conscious of this and knowing this fact appreciate

art even more.

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